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Unforgettable Neon-Lit Elopement in Las Vegas, NV

March 29, 2024

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There are moments in life that are so special, they take your breath away. The romantic & fun elopement of Maddie & Jake in Las Vegas, NV, was one such moment. Oh, the glamour of Las Vegas, the neon-lit city that never sleeps, was the perfect backdrop for this beautiful union! Maddie & Jake are a couple who truly have a special place in my heart. Our paths first crossed during a model call when I was just starting out in this field. Since then, I’ve been incredibly privileged to capture many of their life’s precious moments. This time, it was their elopement in Vegas!

Romantic & Fun Elopement

Their day started with the reading of private vows in their hotel room, the enchanting Bellagio fountains providing a picturesque backdrop. The intimacy of this moment, just the two of them, was as palpable as it was beautiful. Then, it was time for the ceremony at A Little White Chapel. A unique twist came when their ceremony was stopped halfway through by a minister looking for…you guessed it, Maddie & Jake! It turns out, another couple with the same names were scheduled to get married at the same time! They had the opportunity to meet them after their ceremony.

Following the ceremony, Maddie changed before we set up a quick champagne tower. An effervescent toast and we were off to meet their friends and family for a dinner reception and cake cutting. The night ended just in time for the magnificent Bellagio fountains to go off, a fitting finale for such a spectacular day! Oh, how I would love to book more elopements like this one! There’s something incredibly special about capturing a couple’s love in such an intimate setting, especially when it’s as unique and full of life as Maddie & Jake’s. So, if you are planning your elopement let’s connect! I would love to capture the bond you guys have and one of the most important days in your life! Can’t wait to hear from you!

Courtney Wingfield | East Coast Elopement Photographer

Come see more of this beautiful elopement below!


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Video: Honey Fox Films