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Standing here, camera in hand, ready to capture some life most precious moments, I can’t help but think to myself “pinch me, I must be dreaming”.

For as long as I can remember, stories have been one of my greatest loves. From the pages of books to the big screen, moments of romance and passion live embedded in my mind, an eternal source of inspiration. In my own corner of the world are, I’ve been lucky enough to share my my ambitions and aspirations with my loving husband and sweet fur babies. Their unwavering support and acceptance of their permanent ‘model’ status’ are constant reminders that chivalry is very much alive and well. 

As a visual storyteller, I strive to weave narratives hidden within each frame to create imagery that evokes the emotions and connections shared between my couples. My inspiration A poetic photographer captures the intricate beauty of the world through their lens, creating art that transcends mere visuals. Through their unique perspective and storytelling skills, they evoke emotions, forge connections, and reveal the hidden stories within each frame, touching the hearts of viewers.

An artist of preservation

Hey, I'm Courtney

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Nothing makes my heart happier than a



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I am an 

mercury being in


Enneagram 6

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i want to bring


I meet.




As a hopeless romantic, it will come as no surprise that my favourite love story is ‘Pride and Prejudice’ from the world of Jane Austen. An excerpt that I cherish deeply reads “I love you, most ardently”. These very words were read aloud by my husband in his wedding vows and now hang above our bed, a constant reminder of eternal love.

Behind the name

Ardent & Elm

Elm /elm/ • A tall deciduous tree that typically has rough serrated leaves.

Elm trees are incredibly resilient and hold the ability to grow almost anywhere. They carry with them the symbols of hope and resilience and act as encouragement to wear your heart on your sleeve.

And so it began

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