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Ethereal Wedding Day at Oakleaf Cottage in Trenton, GA

February 28, 2024

portrait of the bride and groom at their ethereal wedding day

The air was filled with anticipation and joy at Oakleaf Cottage in Trenton, GA. On this beautiful day, high school sweethearts Maggie and Jacob decided to say their vows, marking a decade since their love story began. There’s something magical about capturing a love that has stood the test of time. Their wedding was an intimate gathering, a charming celebration of love, art, and sustainability that was as unique as they are. Capturing this beautiful ethereal wedding day was a dream! And I can’t wait to capture many more like this.

Maggie & Jacob’s Ethereal Wedding Day

Maggie, an artist, lent her creative touch to the details of the day. She hand-designed their invites, filling them with a personal and artistic touch that was undeniably them. The venue, Oakleaf Cottage, was a dream. Located in the heart of nature, it’s a green, sustainable venue that was a dream to work with. The stunning natural backdrop provided a serene and enchanting setting for their vows. Witnessing Maggie and Jacob’s love unfold was like watching a beautifully scripted movie. Their decision to opt for a First Touch instead of a First Look added an extra layer of excitement and anticipation! As they reached out for each other, eyes still a secret, their love was almost palpable.

The reception was a testament to their shared love of movies and TV shows. Each table had a cloche containing an item from a beloved film or series. It was a creative and personal touch that showcased their shared passions and memories. And as if that wasn’t enough, records hung from the ceiling, creating a whimsical atmosphere that had everyone in awe. As the day was coming to an end, the couple exited under a tunnel of lightsabers, a nod to Star Wars and an exciting end to a perfect day. It was a moment of pure joy – a fitting end to a celebration that was a perfect reflection of the couple’s journey together.

Feeling Inspired By Maggie + Jacob’s Intimate Wedding?

Each wedding I have the privilege to shoot is unique and special in its own right. But there was something undeniably charming about Maggie and Jacob’s wedding. The blend of love, art, and sustainability that made it a joy to capture. I find myself hoping to be part of more such celebrations, where every detail is a testament to the couple’s journey together. Maggie and Jacob, thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful day. If you are planning your unique wedding or elopement, let’s connect! I would be more than happy to hear about the ideas you have and capture them in the most authentic way possible! If you want to know more about who’s behind the lens, head to my, about me page! Can’t wait to hear from you!

Courtney Wingfield | Georgia Intimate Wedding Photographer

Come see more of this ethereal and intimate wedding day below!

bride before the wedding ceremony


Second Photographer: Rooted Wildflower Photography