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Enchanting Intimate Backyard Wedding In The Mountains

January 24, 2024

b&w photo of the bride and groom after their ceremony

When Sam and Kate chose to tie the knot, they did so in their own unique, intimate way, truly reflecting their love story. Held in the heart of Jasper, Georgia. Their wedding was a harmonious blend of elegance, warmth, and personal touches, making it a day to remember. I couldn’t be happier that I got to be part of this beautiful intimate backyard wedding and capture moments that they will cherish forever. Keep scrolling to see what it looks like with me by your side every step of the way during your intimate wedding day!

Romantic Intimate Backyard Wedding

Their day began at a beautiful Airbnb, situated amidst the serene landscapes of Jasper. As their photographer, I was blessed to capture the raw, unfiltered emotions and the noticeable excitement in the air! They decided to exchange their vows privately during their first look. A choice that added an extra layer of sentimentality to the occasion. As they professed their love and commitment to each other, it was impossible not to feel the depth of their bond.

The ceremony took place at a private residence, transforming a familiar place into a magical wedding venue. As the sun set, painting the sky with hues of orange, Sam and Kate said their “I do’s” surrounded by their closest loved ones. Their love story, as unique as the bottle of 818 tequila they included in their wedding details, was celebrated in the most authentic way possible!

What truly set this wedding apart, however, was its intimate nature. After exchanging their private vows, the couple spent the rest of the day cherishing every moment! They had heartfelt conversations with their guests. They made sure everyone was having a good time, and simply soaked in the love that filled the air. The long table they set for dinner was a testament to their wish for a warm, inclusive celebration.

Courtney Wingfield | East Coast & Destination Wedding Photographer

This intimate backyard wedding, against the backdrop of the enchanting mountains, was a beautiful reflection of Sam and Kate’s love. As their photographer, I am inspired by their decision to have a wedding that was so deeply personal, and hope to capture more such unique celebrations of love. If you are planning your intimate celebration, you came to the right place! As an East Coast & destination wedding and elopement photographer, I love to capture such intimate moments so you can cherish them forever. Whether you are considering a beautiful East Coast wedding or an intimate backyard wedding like Sam and Kate. I will be more than honored to be part of your special day. Want to learn more about who’s behind the lens? head to my, about me page. Ready for us to connect? Head to my contact page!

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couple opening a bottle of champagne at their intimate backyard wedding

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