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Colorful and Eclectic Backyard Intimate Wedding Day in Georgia

January 16, 2024

bride and groom before their wedding ceremony

There’s something truly magical about an intimate wedding, and Rosie and Kem’s celebration was the perfect example! This was no ordinary wedding; it was a day filled with personal touches, DIY elements, and a whole lot of love. Right from the start, the day had a relaxed pace. Rosie and Kem’s families helped set up the ceremony and reception space while wearing the cutest matching overalls. They decided to leave the usual hustle and bustle of a tightly scheduled wedding day and instead decided on a loose timeline that allowed them to truly soak in every moment. They dedicated a full 30 minutes to their couples’ portraits, resulting in some truly stunning images that captured their love beautifully. The rest of the day? Totally candid! This approach allowed Rosie and Kem to be fully present and enjoy every bit of their special day.

Rosie & Kem Dreamy Intimate Wedding Day

The personal touches didn’t stop there. Rosie had grown the wildflowers for the bouquets herself! The blooms were a vibrant resemblance to the love and care Rosie had poured into nurturing them, much like her relationship with Kem. And let’s talk about that dress! It was thrifted, adding to the charm and character of the day. It’s not every day you see a bride in a dress with its own story and Rosie pulled it off with absolute grace. Rosie’s mom made her veil, adding another layer of sentimental value to Rosie’s bridal look.

Rosie + Kem’s exit was the stuff of dreams as they drove off into their happily ever after in a vintage truck. The perfect ending to a perfect day. It was the cherry on top of their dreamy ‘cottage core’ wedding! The private family residence in Social Circle, Georgia, provided the ideal backdrop for their celebration. It was intimate, it was personal, and it was oh-so-romantic.

Rosie and Kem’s wedding was a beautiful reminder that the best weddings are full of love, joy, and two people promising to spend the rest of their lives together. And Rosie and Kem’s wedding? It was all of that and so much more! Are you currently planning your own intimate wedding or elopement? Whether you’re considering a charming East Coast venue or dreaming of a destination abroad, I’d be truly honored to be a part of your unique journey. As an East Coast and destination wedding and elopement photographer, I have a deep appreciation for capturing the intimate, personal moments that make each love story extraordinary. If you want to know more about who’s behind the lens go to my, about me page. Ready to connect? Head to my contact page !

Courtney Wingfield | East Coast & Destination Wedding Photographer

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